Thursday, November 26, 2009

Recap of tourneys and Happy Thanksgiving

Hey everyone. Well its a long weekend this week and there were few qualifying tournaments coming up and the one that just past. Lets go back a bit. Lets start with the activegamers tournament... It was a ok turnout... Besides it was freezing as hell and money situations there. I got to meet up with my good friends and well the results for that tournament...

1st: Marn (C-Viper)
2nd: Justin Wong (Rufus)
3rd: Floe (Sagat)

well the only so-cal left for us was alex valle but was defeated by floe... We need to level up a lil... Hey guys we have pixs from the tourney thanks to our very own FnB member obey562... here is the link...

UGTL's Bmarq 3v3 tournament results...
1st: The Box Arena (Steinmania, Kuizzy, Combo Jack)
2nd: FnB (DJ Vest, Hugo101, B_izm)
3rd: UGTL (Bmarq, E.J, Ryu player)

Well since combo jack was not box arena, we can say that we won but we ended up accepting the second place prize... We are waiting for pixs from christine of the box arena to send me the link...

FnB Tournament team Results for 11/20/09...
1st: Team Blasphamy Combo Jack/Legend Blaze
2nd: Team Oreo: Hugo101/Justin

it was a fun day at the beatdown but this week it will be better cause we are having the box arena joining us... also adding CvS2 to the its gonna be hype and show up.

The 5on5 qualifiers at dreamlab...

Congrats to slick626, and clark repressenting LA East to the house of cicada 5on5 tournament on december 4th...

1st: Slick626 (Ryu)
2nd: Clark (Akuma)
3rd: DJ Vest (Blanka)
4th: Bryant the Tyrant (Balrog)
5th: Killer Kai (Ryu)

LA East:
Mike Ross
Combo Jack

Team OC
Alex Valle
Ed Ma
Richard Nguyen

Team SD

more update later cause this sunday at bmarq qualifyers will be the LA WEST so good luck and till next time...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Activegamers Party and Triple Threat Tournament on 11/13/09 and 11/14/09

Everyone.... we will a awesome party at hollywood and highland called massacre and its location is at uwink restaurant... more info is at this video... Thank you john nelson the president of activegamers and our activegamers staff/team... we will make this an awesome event and special guest will be justin wong and others of the so-cal peeps... Its party time...

Ten2Gaming Tournament 11/08/09 results...

Our first ten2gaming invitational came to a sucess on sunday 11/08/09. we had 18 qualified competitors at our tournament. I like to thank george from ten2gaming for helping us and organizing this event. Unfortunatly we couldnt ustream the event due to network issue but the next one will be ustreamed... Our first ten2gaming winner came from near palm spring named Khio. Khio is the winner of The box arena qualifier. He also came in second place at the the box arena elite tournament and he is our first ten2gaming invitational winner... In second place was shizza, and third was slick626... Congratualtion and see you guys at the friday night beatdown or the next ten2gaming tournament on 12/12/09...

1st. Khio (Zangeif)
2nd Shizza (Chun-Li)
3rd. Slick626 (Ryu)
4th. OnlineTony213 (Seth/Abel)
5th. DJ Vest (Blanka/Rufus)
5th. Andyocr (Bison)
7th. Hugo101 (Bison)
7th. Obey562 (Sakura)
7th. Lulu Smack (Boxer)

Next ten2gaming tournament will be on december 12th in venice and who ever make top 4in this tournament, they will be qualified for the next invitational. Also we will hold weekly tournament fron the FnB to have qualifiers for activegamers and ten2gaming. Till next time.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

FnB Activegamers/ten2gaming ranbat 1.6 Results... 10/30/09

FnB activegamers results and ten2gaming ranbat 1.6.

Be sure to check out our new youtube channel at:

Street Fighter 4 results
1: Shizza ($70.00) 7pts
2: Ken I ($20.00) 5pts
3: OnlineTony213 ($10.00) 3pts
4: Gootecks
5: ComboJack
5: Hugo101
7: Vicious
7: Warren
9: DrZipper
9: DJ Vest
9: Art
9: Fuson909
13: ZombieDeviant
13: KiloMax
13: Legend Blaze
13: DoomsDay
17: FabbyFilipino
17: What?
17: Obey562
17: B-izm
17: Duralath
17: Lulu Smack
17: Klumzyrice
17: Wonder Chef
25: Krayzie Bone
25: G-Unitver1

Tekken 6 results
1: Ken I ($14.00)7pts
2: G-Unitver1 ($4.00)5pts
3: Mooyang ($2.00) 3pts
4: DJ Vest.........1pt
5: Krayzie Bone
5: ZombieDeviant
7: Legend Blaze
7: Lulu Smack
9: Vicious
9: Wonder Chef
9: DoomsDay

Congrats to shizza with the power of back dashing and on pad... Shizza is our 3rd winner of FnB acitvegamers tournament and he qualified to enter the house of cicada tourney this friday... we will wish him good luck...

I like to thank Ken I, Gootecks, Fuson909, and My dear friend Combo Jack for showing up last friday... Thanks to obey for recording lots of good matches of FnB...

Also our first Tekken 6 tourney was really fun and awesome... We will have t6 tourney at FnB from now on... so join us and till next time...

Total points of SF4 Ten2gaming Invitational 11/08/09

1. XBlade......10pts.
2. Obey562.....8pts.
3. Haduken.....8pts.
4. Ken I.......5pts.
4. Keno........5pts.
5. Fuson909....5pts.
6. Klumzyrice..4pts.
7. LegendBlaze.4pts.
8. Lulu Smack..4pts.
9. Kilomax.....3pts.

Tekken 6 activegamers invitational total points...needs 20 to qualify.

1: Ken I......8pts.
2: G-Unitver1...6pts.
3: Mooyang......4pts.
4: DJ Vest......3pts.
5: Krayzie Bone.....2pts.
5: ZombieDeviant....2pts.
7: Legend Blaze.....1pt.
7: Lulu Smack.......1pt.

Qualified ten2gaming invitational

5.DJ Vest

Activegamers Points

ATTENTION: On wednesday will announce players from the FnB crew to be invited for the ten2gaming invitational this sunday and qualifiers for this week FnB tourney...So we will post it up here and PM you in SRK...Good Luck...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

FnB Activegamers ranbat 1.5 Results...

Friday Oct. 23rd, 2009. Results for FnB Activegamers/Ten2gaming ranbat 1.5 results...

1: Fuson909 ($78.40) 5pts
2: Hugo101 ($22.40) 4pts (A.G invitational)
3: Vicious ($11.20) 3pts (qualified)
4: OnlineTony213 2pts.
5: Andyocr
5: Haduken
7: Shizza
7: Art
9: Dime_X
9: B_izm
9: Sanchez
9: DJ Vest
13: MyDingLing
13: Obey562
13: Xblade
13: Pee Stain
17: MinHoang
17: Klumzyrice
17: Kilomax
17: Nipsy
17: Beef Enchilada
17: LegendBlaze
17: KrazieBone
17: Wonder Chef
25: SaykioBeast
25: Phantastic
25: Lulu Smack
25: Doomsday

Fuson909 (shown at left in above picture) is the second winner of FnB activegamers tournament.. he will have access to enter the vip activegamers triple threat tournament on november 14th 2009, plus he has a choice to enter a second event for free... he can choose either tekken6, Blazblue, 3rd strike, MvC2 or hd remix... Fuson909 has 5 pts to be qualify for the ten2gaming invitationals. Fuson had a gauntlet in the losers bracket and the amazing guile tricks pulled it off and came victorious against hugo101 at the grand finals, vicious for losers finals, OnlineTony213 with seth maddness and xblades on semifinals... In case if you were wondering who put fuson in losers bracket. Our very own FnB activegamers teammate B_izm with his outstanding C-viper moves...

team tourney 2v2
1: Haduken213 ($9.80) OnlineTony213 and Haduken 5pts each
2: Andy's Rice ($4.20) Andyocr and Klumzyrice 4pts each
3: Team Rogaine ($0.00) Kilomax and DJ Vest 3pts each
4: Doomsday562 Obey562 and Doomsday 2pts each
5: Dick Snuggles Lulu smack and Legend Blaze 1pt each
5: Team Egypt
7: Wonder Asian

We also had a 3-way exhibition FT5 match between Kilomax, Haduken, and xblades. Here's a couple of their matches:

haduken [ryu] vs kilomax [ryu]

xblades [fei] vs kilomax [ryu]

haduken [ryu] vs kilomax [ryu]

haduken [ryu] vs kilomax [ryu]

Congrats to Kilomax taking the FT5 exhibition match.

Totla Points:

Ten2gaming Qualifed:
1. B_izm
2. Hugo101
3. Vicious
4. OnlineTony213

Activegamers Invitational Points:
1. Hugo101.......4pts.

Total Points:
1. DJ Vest.....14pts.
2. XBlade......10pts.
3. Obey562.....8pts.
4. Haduken.....8pts.
5. Keno........5pts.
6. Fuson909....5pts.
7. Klumzyrice..4pts.
8. LegendBlaze.4pts.
9. Lulu Smack..4pts.

We might start a tekken 6 ranbat this week... I will confirm it this week before the beatdown day... Till the next beatdown...

See the rest of the pics here.
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Ten2Gaming Tournament 10/17/09 results...

Saturday 10/17/09 was a ten2gaming tournament in venice and since we are sponsored for them, few of our FnB members decide to represent and show our sponsors that we are legit...So the results were...

results for ten2gaming...

1. B_izm ($100)
2. DJ Vest ($35)
3. Vicious ($17)
4. JR Rodriguez
5. Hugo101
5. Slick626
7. Lulu Smack
7. Shizza
9. Adam
9. Sal
9. MyDingling
9. Wonder Chef
13. Tisket
13. Klumzyrice
13. Glen

thats the results for ten2gaming...

i like to say congrats to B_izm with the solid viper... and vicious representing the friday night beatdown...

The winner of the ten2gaming tournament is qualified for the free invitational on November 8th tournament... 2nd place gets 5pts and 3rd gets 3pts...

Total Points
1. Hugo101.......16pts (qualified)
2. B_izm.........16pts (qualified)
3. Vicious.......13pts
4. DJ Vest.......11pts
5. OnlineTony213.11pts
6. Xblade........10pts
7. Obey562.......6pts
8. Keno..........5pts
9. Lulu Smack....3pts
10. LegendBlaze...3pts
11. Haduken......3pts

hugo101 and b_izm qualified to ten2gaming invitational... now they will earn 20pts for the activegamers invitational starting this upcoming friday... 1st place will get 7pts. 2nd will be 5pts 3rd is 3pts and 4th will be 2pts...

FnB's Activegamers Tournament results plus ranbat 1.4 10/16/09

Congrats to Keno for the victory of friday night beatdown activegamers tournament...
Keno is the first to win a VIP pass with Free Addmission to Activegamers Triple Threat tournament on Saturday november 14th... He has access to a free enterance to SF4 plus one game of his choice to enter...

1: Keno ($60.00) 5pts.
2: Hugo101 ($20.00) 5pts.
3: Haduken ($10.00) 3pts.
4: Vicious.....2pts
5: Zombie
5: Sanchez
7: DJ Vest
7: B_izm
9: Wonder Chef
9: Phantastic
9: Nipsey
9: BeeJay
13: Sam Goody
13: My Dingling
13: Gunz
13: Legend Blaze
17: Red Rapper
17: Alex
17: Krayzie Bone
17: Zero
17: Lulu Smack
25: Sean

to add for ranbat points we have hugo101 with 5pts and Haduken with 3pts. and vicious with 2pts ...

Total points:
1. Hugo101.......16pts (qualified)
2. B_izm.........15pts
3. OnlineTony213.11pts
4. Vicious.......10pts
5. XBlade........10pts
6. DJ Vest.......6pts
7. Obey562.......6pts
8. Keno..........5pts
9. Lulu Smack....3pts
10. LegendBlaze...3pts
11. Haduken......3pts

First person to qualified to the ten2gaming invitational is hugo101... since there was a tournament on saturday at ten2gaming... the top 3 finalist was issue points and winner of that tourney qualified for the invitational... 2nd place get 5pts and 3rd gets 3pts..

next blog will be the results of ten2gaming tournament 10/17/09... here some pixs...

If you want to see more pixs of last weeks friday night beatdown here is the link...