Tuesday, October 27, 2009

FnB Activegamers ranbat 1.5 Results...

Friday Oct. 23rd, 2009. Results for FnB Activegamers/Ten2gaming ranbat 1.5 results...

1: Fuson909 ($78.40) 5pts
2: Hugo101 ($22.40) 4pts (A.G invitational)
3: Vicious ($11.20) 3pts (qualified)
4: OnlineTony213 2pts.
5: Andyocr
5: Haduken
7: Shizza
7: Art
9: Dime_X
9: B_izm
9: Sanchez
9: DJ Vest
13: MyDingLing
13: Obey562
13: Xblade
13: Pee Stain
17: MinHoang
17: Klumzyrice
17: Kilomax
17: Nipsy
17: Beef Enchilada
17: LegendBlaze
17: KrazieBone
17: Wonder Chef
25: SaykioBeast
25: Phantastic
25: Lulu Smack
25: Doomsday

Fuson909 (shown at left in above picture) is the second winner of FnB activegamers tournament.. he will have access to enter the vip activegamers triple threat tournament on november 14th 2009, plus he has a choice to enter a second event for free... he can choose either tekken6, Blazblue, 3rd strike, MvC2 or hd remix... Fuson909 has 5 pts to be qualify for the ten2gaming invitationals. Fuson had a gauntlet in the losers bracket and the amazing guile tricks pulled it off and came victorious against hugo101 at the grand finals, vicious for losers finals, OnlineTony213 with seth maddness and xblades on semifinals... In case if you were wondering who put fuson in losers bracket. Our very own FnB activegamers teammate B_izm with his outstanding C-viper moves...

team tourney 2v2
1: Haduken213 ($9.80) OnlineTony213 and Haduken 5pts each
2: Andy's Rice ($4.20) Andyocr and Klumzyrice 4pts each
3: Team Rogaine ($0.00) Kilomax and DJ Vest 3pts each
4: Doomsday562 Obey562 and Doomsday 2pts each
5: Dick Snuggles Lulu smack and Legend Blaze 1pt each
5: Team Egypt
7: Wonder Asian

We also had a 3-way exhibition FT5 match between Kilomax, Haduken, and xblades. Here's a couple of their matches:

haduken [ryu] vs kilomax [ryu]

xblades [fei] vs kilomax [ryu]

haduken [ryu] vs kilomax [ryu]

haduken [ryu] vs kilomax [ryu]

Congrats to Kilomax taking the FT5 exhibition match.

Totla Points:

Ten2gaming Qualifed:
1. B_izm
2. Hugo101
3. Vicious
4. OnlineTony213

Activegamers Invitational Points:
1. Hugo101.......4pts.

Total Points:
1. DJ Vest.....14pts.
2. XBlade......10pts.
3. Obey562.....8pts.
4. Haduken.....8pts.
5. Keno........5pts.
6. Fuson909....5pts.
7. Klumzyrice..4pts.
8. LegendBlaze.4pts.
9. Lulu Smack..4pts.

We might start a tekken 6 ranbat this week... I will confirm it this week before the beatdown day... Till the next beatdown...

See the rest of the pics here.
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