Tuesday, September 29, 2009

FnB is sponsored by Ten2Gaming

I like to thank george from ten2gaming for sponsoring us with the friday night beatdown event. Ten2gaming and Dj Vest is working on ranbats from the friday night beatdown community to be qualified for an invitational tournament at ten2gaming location. We will need at least 16 finalist for this event... Our setups will be on x-box360 and PS3. Currently we are working on making t-shirts and im looking for a artist or have expereince in arts to design a logo for the friday night beatdown...

Starting at the last friday of october we will have 2 locations to host the friday night beatdown. First location will take place in pico rivera ca, @ DJ Vest house and the other location is at Venice Beach ca, @ Ten2Gaming. So last friday of october will be at Ten2Gaming and first, second and third friday of november will be at DJ Vest house and last friday of november will be at ten2gaming...date and time will be issued at fridaynightbeatdown.blogspot.com or at the session and shoryuken.com under tthe thread of the fridaynightbeatdown... Once again i like to thanks ten2gaming and we will have pictures post it up on sunday of how ten2gaming will look and set up for the invitational tournament.

More information about ten2gaming. Visit there facebook site @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Venice-CA/Ten2Gaming

Ten2Gaming location
316 Lincolm Blvd.
Venice CA,90291

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  1. I can design a logo as long as I get specific instructions on what the logo should look like. If it looks good and you want to use it, great, if not, its all good.

    -Krayzie Bone