Thursday, September 24, 2009

Welcome to Friday Night BeatDown!

Hey everyone,

I host a SF4, CVS2, MVC2, 3rd Strike on PS2 Casuals/Tournaments at my backyard every Friday from 5pm-1am. I usually invite a few people but well lately it`s been going great so far. My setups are 2 TV's with 2 PS3 sets and if anyone want to bring a HDMI monitor, you can and we will hook up one of the PS3 on that TV and the other TV will be with ps2. Also, if you have a SF4 TE Stick for PS3, bring it. I have no problem what so ever. Also, if I have more than 8 people, we do singles or team tournaments to try to get some cash in your wallet, I know I need cash don't we all? I`m happy to say that I'll Ustream these matches from this Friday and on. So, if you cant make it, you can watch us on the Ustream page. Hope to see you guys at my house.

Shoryuken Thread:

Ustream page:

Questions? Please call or text before showing up: (562)745-5935

My PS3 gamer tag is DJVest

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