Thursday, November 26, 2009

Recap of tourneys and Happy Thanksgiving

Hey everyone. Well its a long weekend this week and there were few qualifying tournaments coming up and the one that just past. Lets go back a bit. Lets start with the activegamers tournament... It was a ok turnout... Besides it was freezing as hell and money situations there. I got to meet up with my good friends and well the results for that tournament...

1st: Marn (C-Viper)
2nd: Justin Wong (Rufus)
3rd: Floe (Sagat)

well the only so-cal left for us was alex valle but was defeated by floe... We need to level up a lil... Hey guys we have pixs from the tourney thanks to our very own FnB member obey562... here is the link...

UGTL's Bmarq 3v3 tournament results...
1st: The Box Arena (Steinmania, Kuizzy, Combo Jack)
2nd: FnB (DJ Vest, Hugo101, B_izm)
3rd: UGTL (Bmarq, E.J, Ryu player)

Well since combo jack was not box arena, we can say that we won but we ended up accepting the second place prize... We are waiting for pixs from christine of the box arena to send me the link...

FnB Tournament team Results for 11/20/09...
1st: Team Blasphamy Combo Jack/Legend Blaze
2nd: Team Oreo: Hugo101/Justin

it was a fun day at the beatdown but this week it will be better cause we are having the box arena joining us... also adding CvS2 to the its gonna be hype and show up.

The 5on5 qualifiers at dreamlab...

Congrats to slick626, and clark repressenting LA East to the house of cicada 5on5 tournament on december 4th...

1st: Slick626 (Ryu)
2nd: Clark (Akuma)
3rd: DJ Vest (Blanka)
4th: Bryant the Tyrant (Balrog)
5th: Killer Kai (Ryu)

LA East:
Mike Ross
Combo Jack

Team OC
Alex Valle
Ed Ma
Richard Nguyen

Team SD

more update later cause this sunday at bmarq qualifyers will be the LA WEST so good luck and till next time...

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