Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ten2Gaming Tournament 11/08/09 results...

Our first ten2gaming invitational came to a sucess on sunday 11/08/09. we had 18 qualified competitors at our tournament. I like to thank george from ten2gaming for helping us and organizing this event. Unfortunatly we couldnt ustream the event due to network issue but the next one will be ustreamed... Our first ten2gaming winner came from near palm spring named Khio. Khio is the winner of The box arena qualifier. He also came in second place at the the box arena elite tournament and he is our first ten2gaming invitational winner... In second place was shizza, and third was slick626... Congratualtion and see you guys at the friday night beatdown or the next ten2gaming tournament on 12/12/09...

1st. Khio (Zangeif)
2nd Shizza (Chun-Li)
3rd. Slick626 (Ryu)
4th. OnlineTony213 (Seth/Abel)
5th. DJ Vest (Blanka/Rufus)
5th. Andyocr (Bison)
7th. Hugo101 (Bison)
7th. Obey562 (Sakura)
7th. Lulu Smack (Boxer)

Next ten2gaming tournament will be on december 12th in venice and who ever make top 4in this tournament, they will be qualified for the next invitational. Also we will hold weekly tournament fron the FnB to have qualifiers for activegamers and ten2gaming. Till next time.

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